RayanKhodro SPD570 RKey Package


RayanKhodro SPD570 RKey Package

Hardware switching of OBD channels (Using only one OBD channel to diagnose a wide range of vehicles without the need for multiple sockets).

Remote diagnosis (Tele assistant). By using the tele assistant you can help and teach your friends how to diagnose in the diagnosis process (Online).

Road test: Ability to test a moving car in different situations or on the customer info saver dyno and customer record database and the accepted cars repair.

Car’s injection system and power system maps: Connection to the computer or tablet by USB and Bluetooth for:
1: Diagnosis via a large screen computer and in customer’s sight
2: Storing the customer info along with their diagnosis records
3: Problems and parameters saved now and before (Prepare a report compatible with windows xp,vista,7,10)
-    Fabulous body containing a steel sheet protecting the internal parts
-    Color display with best lighting
-    Resistive touch screen
-    External keypad

Software Features


Extendable multilingual
Engine diagnosis
Automatic gearbox
Key programming and remote control programming
Ventilation system
Air Bag
4WD Cars CNG
Trip computer
Auto parts program and swap
ECU conversion
Engine ECU, CPH, BSI program and swap
Car internal network and equipment
Driver and passenger equipment

Automatic download: Automatic download is one of the easy and practical ways to reprogram ECUs. This option was first founded and launched by Rayan Khodro Company.

Car key’s code read by the OBD

Technical Specification


8-32GB SD Card
TFT4.3 800*480
External keyboard
Extendable Bluetooth connection
Operating temperature range:
Input power supply voltage range:
7-40 Volts
Short connection voltage tolerance range:
0-35 Volts
Internet USB
Software update:
Internet USB
ABS with steel guard

 R-key: Key and Remote Learning Program
A product of Rayan Khodro Andish (the first producer of Diag. box tools in Iran).
Developed to meet the needs of key and lock producers and accelerate making new and spare keys.Installable on Rayan Khodro Andish devices (SPD series), providing clients with key and remote learning, reading key codes when missing codes, and connecting to security and immobilizer systems computers to apply required settings
A user-friendly design, no need for training. However, Rayan Khodro Andish training staffs are ready to provide clients with training services
The number of vehicles covered by R-Key software is significantly higher than those covered by other key learning tools.

R-Key Specifications
Installable on Rayan Khodro Andish Diag. box tools, SPD series (SPD240, SPD570, and SPD270).
Updatable via www.RayanKhodro.com.
OBD channel key code extracting and reading.
Immobilizer system errors reading and deleting.
Smart remote learning for keyless vehicles.
Learning new keys when missing old keys.

R-Key Advantages
User friendly.
High-speed key and remote learning.
Supporting Arabic, English, and Farsi.
Covering a wide range of vehicles (Asian and European vehicles).
Mazad and Ssang Yong Tivoli key learning when missing old keys (emergency mode).
Azera 2018, Hyundai coupe, and Hyundai Genesis remote key learning.
A wide range of after-sales services and supports.

Key Learning by R-Key Specialized Program
Suitable for SAIPA, Iran Khodro, Pars Khodro, Modiran Khodro, Kerman Motor, Zamyad, and Rain and Amico producrs
Suitable for most Ssang Yong, Geely, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Hyundai, KIA, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan, Great Wall, Proton, Mazda, MG, Cherry, Lifan, and Jack products


Made In Iran

768 $

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